Announcement to end nationwide request to refrain from holding brevet events

On Apr 6, Audax Japan has requested that all brevet events sanctioned by Audax Japan be suspended from April 9 to August 31 in response to the spread of the new corona virus infection.

At the time, there was much uncertainty regarding the new corona virus infection and the measures to be taken by the event organizers and participants. Therefore, as a matter of urgency, the decision was taken to impose a nationwide request of suspension.

After that, the state of emergency was declared and then lifted. Recently the number of positive PCR tests has been increasing and it is difficult to predict future situation. However, unlike April, there is an increase amount of information available to event organizers and participants to make their own decisions. Therefore, Audax Japan has decided not to continue nationwide request to refrain from holding brevet events.

From September 1st onwards, it has been decided to leave it up to the discretion of each organizer to hold brevet event and to take measures to prevent infection.

As a result, some organizers have decided to stop holding this year’s event, others will hold regular events while taking infection prevention measures and still others will hold the “New Normal BRM” based on the “Additional regulations for the prevention of new corona virus infection” that was announced a few days ago.

In any case, each organizer will host the event according to the situation in their area, so participants are requested to check the participation requirements of each brevet event carefully and make the final decision whether to participate or not.

Aug 10, 2020
Hisanori Tanaka
President of Audax Japan

Download Link To PDF “Additional regulations for the prevention of new corona virus infection”
最終更新日: 2020/08/12